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IMPORTANT: New Reflexion IP Subnet
Posted by Robert Mitchell on 08 June 2015 10:06 AM

As a follow-up to our communication regarding the addition of a new subnet on December 20, 2014, we are ready to begin leveraging our new /22 subnet. We will be adding into production customer delivery mail flow and LDAP queries on June 30, 2015.

Obtaining our own IP space gives us much better geographic portability and an ability to cycle a much greater number of IP addresses in order to avoid blacklisting. These are very significant benefits for all of our partners and your clients.

Our new subnet is:

If you have not configured access control or a firewall rule to prevent incoming SMTP connections from non-Reflexion subnets, or if you use Hosted Exchange or Google Apps, you do not need to make this change. However, these configurations are HIGHLY recommended. The MX records and smart host will remain the same.

Please implement these changes before June 30, 2015, as we will begin using the IP addresses on July 1, 2015. Please visit our knowledgebase at for detailed instructions on how to make these changes.

Customer firewalls and Exchange access control should now have the following subnets:

Subnets for SMTP on port 25, 2525, 587: ( (

For Office 365 you will need to enter the following: ( ( ( ( (

Subnets for LDAP on port 389 and 636: ( (

SPF (TXT) Record:

v=spf1 mx ~all

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Apparently this morning, MX Logic made a change that is causing this issue. They are having major issues with this today; this filter is ahead of their whitelist, so there is no relief for us. We've tried different sending IP addresses, but it looks they allow about 100 emails per day per IP address before the block is placed..

They did provide us with steps the recipient can take on their end to disable the filter:

1. Log on to the Control Console

2. Select Email Protection

3. Select Policies

4. Highlight the desired inbound policy (usually Default Inbound) and click Edit

5. Click the Spam tab, this will default to the Classifications sub tab

6. Disable the checkbox for "Enable spam flood prevention"

7. Click Save

Please allow 20 minutes for full replication of the settings across our servers.



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