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Reflexion Anti-Virus Update
Posted by Scott Barlow on 16 November 2016 02:22 PM

Greetings Reflexion Partners –

We will be upgrading our Sophos AV engine to implement more aggressive context-specific heuristics (called CXMail), which is built and maintained by SophosLabs. The CXMail family of detection strategies is purposefully designed to stop threats like ransomware that are predominately distributed using email.

CXMail is designed to be highly effective against zero-day malware attacks that are spread via emails. The technology applies stricter rules aimed at active content that is delivered in email attachments and proactively identifies polymorphic malicious documents and executables. The higher detection rate of CXMail is achieved by identifying strongly suspicious content that is not regularly associated with email communication.

As a reminder, we will also be upgrading the Reflexion Content Filtering Engines on Friday, November 18th.  

Both of these changes will be transparent.

As always, please reach out to or login to if you have any questions.


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Reflexion Total Control (RTC version 8.10.0) upgrade
Posted by Ron Bender on 07 October 2016 03:34 PM

We will be releasing a new version of Reflexion Total Control (RTC version 8.10.0) on Friday October 7th starting at 10 pm EDT. The process should take no more than 3 hours. Customers may experience a 20 minute delay during this time.

RTC 8.10.0 update includes:

1)            Fixes the issue where a new API session would invalidate an older session.

2)            Enterprise Administrators will now be allowed to access and modify their enterprises encryption settings.

3)            Apache Tomcat will be updated

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Reflexion Maintenance Infrastructure Upgrade
Posted by Ron Bender on 11 August 2016 05:28 PM


We wanted to bring to your attention that our Data Center Operations Team will be performing a maintenance upgrade to our Reflexion infrastructure starting at 10:00 PM Eastern Time Friday, August 12, 2016.  During this upgrade users may experience some delays to email delivery.  We don’t expect the maintenance window or any email delays to exceed beyond 2 hours. 


Sophos Support

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Release Notification - RTC 7.90.0
Posted by Jamie Fernandes on 22 March 2016 11:45 AM

Reflexion Partners:

On Friday, March 25th at 11:30 PM EST, we will release Reflexion Total Control, v7.90.0.

The primary features included in this version are:

  1. LDAP 2.0 integration (Early Access) - This new, agent-based LDAP integration introduces a significantly higher level of functionality, flexibility and reliability in the synchronization of users.  While not generally available yet, customers can register for a preview here.  If you are invited to join the Early Access Program, you will be contacted by Reflexion Support to help you enable it for your account(s).
  2. Connectwise 2.0 integration - This new API integration delivers your spam stats and billing information via Connectwise's RESTful API's.
  3. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Please let us know if you have any questions, and as always, thank you for your support!

The Reflexion Product Team

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Maintenance Notification - 2/12/16, 11 PM EST - 1 AM EST
Posted by Jamie Fernandes on 12 February 2016 02:52 PM


The Reflexion Operations Team will be performing routine maintenance on the RADAR servers tonight, 2/12/16 starting 11 PM EST.  This maintenance will begin at 11 EST and last approximately 2 hours.  

SOME RADAR customers may experience brief intermittent outages of that service as the maintenance progresses.  

Additionally, Reflexion's user interface will not be updated during this timeframe; all updates will be posted upon completion of the maintenance.

Thank you.


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New IP Space being used (10/29/2015)
Posted by Robert Mitchell on 29 October 2015 01:48 PM

We first communicated this change in December of 2014 via email, then sent out reminder emails on June 8 and September 11 of this year, as well as posting it as a news item in our ticketing system. We can get you sorted out now, though.

As for the new settings, customer firewalls and Exchange access control (Receive connector) should reflect the following:

Subnets for SMTP

• (
• (

Subnets for LDAP

• (
• (

And if needed an update SPF (TXT) Record

• v=spf1 mx ~all


Exchange 2013
1. Mail Flow, Rules, Create a new rule
2. Apply this rule if, sender location is Outside the Organization
3. Do the following - recommend reject or delete the message
4. Click More options
5. Add Exceptions for the Reflexion IP addresses
• (
• (

Exchange 2007/2010
Open the Exchange Management Console
Navigate to Server Configuration > Hub Transport > Default Receive Connector > Properties > Network tab
Under "Receive mail from remote servers that have these addresses:" find the entry that says and delete it
Under "Receive mail from remote servers that have these addresses:" click Add
Input the first Reflexion IP range; repeat this step for each Reflexion IP
• (
• (

Click on the Permission Group tab and ensure that "anonymous users" is checked
Stop and restart the MSExchangeTransport service on the HUB transport server(s)

Exchange 2003
Open the Exchange System Manager
Expand Servers > Server Name > Protocols > SMTP > right-click "Default SMTP Virtual Server" (or the active receive connector name) and select Properties
Navigate to the Access tab and then select the Connection button
Remove any entries from previous providers or entries that have the IP range -
Click Add to enter a new IP restriction
Select the group of computers option, insert the first IP range for Reflexion, click OK; repeat this step for each of the Reflexion IPs
• (
• (
Restart the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service to apply the changes

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