Reflection: One Minute Video - Reflexion Archiving Discovery and Recovery (RADAR)

This article will: provide basic information on the Reflexion RADAR product series.

Reflexion offers a paid service add-on called "RADAR" to all clients.  Reflexion Archiving, Discovery, And Recovery is an archiving service that collects mail that has been processed by the RTC system, copies it, and pipes it over to our archive database.  There are two different types of archiving under RADAR:


  • Unlimited volume, indefinite duration.
  • Allows for the creation of "Packages" of mail from the archive in eml or pst format. 
  • Allows for the use of the Power Search feature. 
  • Archive contents can be exported by the Archiving team ONLY in EML format.
  • Allows for the use of "Journaling" configurations to collect mail sent between internal users on the local mail exchanger.


  • Unlimited volume, 90-day rolling duration. 
  • Does not support the Power Search, Packaging, or Journaling features. 
  • This "lite" version of the archive is best used by organizations that need to have a short-term mail collection but are not required to hold onto the messages beyond that time.

RADAR Requirements:

RADAR is enabled per mailbox.  Each mailbox is required to use the RTC service if they wish to have their mail archived.

To collect both inbound and outbound mail, use of the Reflexion smarthost is required.

Please feel free to contact Support if there are any questions on this information!