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Posted by on 23 July 2020 12:23 PM

This article will: provide basic information on the Reflexion RTCEncrypt product.

This article will not: cover configuration

Reflexion offers a paid stand-alone service called "RTCEncrypt" to all clients.  RTCEncrypt is a securemail processing system that uses a self-hosted ZixMail cluster to securely process and protect email content.  Email is not inherently secure, so RTCEncrypt helps clients make their email communication compliant.  This works by Reflexion receiving the outbound message, processing it in our Zix cluster, and sending a separate email notification to the recipient informing them they have a secure message waiting.

RTCEncrypt is triggered based on:

  • Subject line
  • Content scanning
  • Marking a message as "confidential" in mail client

During the Configuration of RTCEncrypt, different policies can be selected, covering (US) SSNs, HIPAA, (US) state privacy, and other types of Personal Identity Information.  These policies will be run over an email that passes through the RTCEncrypt server, and if one piece of content in the email triggers the policy, the email is automatically encrypted.  The Content triggers will also parse through any attachments, unless the attachment is password protected.

Also during the configuration, one Force Trigger can be selected.  If this trigger is put into the front of the subject line, the message will also be encrypted even if there are no policy triggers in the content of the email.

Finally, if a user marks a message as "Confidential" in their mail client, RTCEncrypt will see the tag in the headers and also encrypt the message.

As stated above, our Zix cluster will receive the messages sent to our smarthost.  When the message is processed and determined to require encryption, the message is forwarded to a secure holding server and a notification is sent to the recipient.  The notification will inform the recipient who the message is from and ask them to log into the ZixSecure panel to access and reply to the message.

If a recipient cannot receive or open "notification" type emails, RTCEncrypt can also be configured to send as ForceTLS.  Please contact support for assistance in configuring ForceTLS.


  • Sending outbound mail through the Reflexion Smarthost
  • Configuring Zixvpm MX records for the client's domain.

Please note that users do NOT need to have RTC Enabled in order to use RTCEncrypt: this is a stand-alone product service.

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